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The MBA Career Services Council is a professional association of individuals in the field of MBA career services and recruiters at companies who hire MBAs. We started this blog as a way of communicating with our members and the general public, as well as a means of encouraging dialogue about the MBA job market. For more information about the MBA CSC, please visit our web site or contact us.

One thought on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. “The Weight of the World off My Shoulders”

    This is what a Georgia Tech MBA graduate exclaimed when he told the MBA Career Services staff he landed a job.

    This student faced an even more difficult time as he was switching careers from a laboratory position to a marketing role. We have all counseled students in this type of situation. Staying focused on several best practices kept this students focused and enthused about his job search.

    The best practices we encourage our students to follow are:

    -Don’t give up-many times students feel overwhelmed when they can’t seem to advance in the hiring process. They are especially vulnerable at this time and need re-assurance that if they apply themselves they will succeed.

    -Stay focused on your industry-often times students start to “spray and pray” when they get desperate. Instead of staying focused on their key industry they start applying for jobs with any and all companies. Our student was focused on life sciences companies but when he interviewed for positions that weren’t in that industry his passion didn’t come through in the interview. We encouraged him to not lose this focus and when the opportunity presented itself in a life sciences position he was genuinely able to exhibit his enthusiasm and got the job.

    -Practice Interviews-We encourage our students to conduct practice interviews before every interview they have. This alleviates some of the pressure and reinforces good interview habits during the interview.

    -Know the Company-MBAs must be able to speak to the challenges, strategies and history of the companies they are interviewing with. Simply reading the webpage won’t set them apart.

    -Passion-All things being equal, the interviewee who is the most passionate about the company and opportunity will get the job offer.

    -Future-Students who can project and articulate a future with the company will stand out as long-term hires that are willing to stay and grow with the company.

    -Celebrate Achievement-At Georgia Tech all MBAs ring a ships bell when they land an internship or full-time job. Ringing the bell symbolizes the joy and happiness of taking a major step in their MBA career. At first we weren’t sure how this would be received but we have found that the students can’t wait to come in now and ring the bell. It has become a highlight in the achievement of their goals.

    What are your best practices?

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