We are Thought Leaders…Now Let’s Lead…

We would like to invite our members to write brief articles for our blog. MBA CSC is known to have a great conference, but we want to be thought of as more…and you can help us do that. Let’s share our thoughts and best practices throughout the year.

What kind of information should you write about?

  • Current issues with MBAs
  • Debates on the value of the MBA degree
  • Best practices in counseling, coaching, career courses, workshops, etc.
  • Hot jobs
  • Up and coming industries
  • Industry changes and how they affect the MBA degree
  • How different organizations affect recruiting MBAs
  • Changes in industries and organizations and how it affects the jobs of career services
  • Student-related Issues to improve the practice of career services
  • Trends in recruiting MBAs

Article Guidelines

Length: 500 words or less
Based on fact, practice, or opinion-based
Provide sites where information was found

Example of a great Article



You would like to submit an article, now what?

Please submit all articles to Janet Lyden @ janet.lyden@baruch.cuny.edu.

*Please note: not all articles reviewed by the Marketing Committee will be published.*

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