MBA CSC European Conference

By: Sally Stahl, Anderson College of Business, UCLA

The MBA Career Services Council held its third annual European Conference in April at IMD in Lausanne Switzerland.  Over 43 universities (7 from the US) and 19 companies were represented at this event with a total of 90 participants.  From the MBA CSC Executive Board there was Kip Harrell, president along with other board members Wayne France, Katty Ooms Sutter and Sally Stahl.

MBA executive board members, a former presidential advisor, executives from international organizations, media representatives, faculty and consultants made up the diverse group of presenters.  In addition there were opportunities for the members to break into smaller groups and be stretched outside their comfort zones, either by connecting, networking, linking or internationalizing MBA Standards.   Follow-up sessions are being planned to continue working on what was started at this event. These were very intense and full days but they were also lots of fun and very enjoyable.

The organizing committee of Katty Ooms Sutter (IMD and MBA Executive Board member), Barbara Martin (IMD), Diane Morgan (LBS), Sarah Sant (Johnson & Johnson), Marc Smelik (Leeds University Business School), Frances Humphreys (Wilfrid Laurier University) and the entire IMD Career Center staff are to be commended for a job well done.

I think most everyone who attended this year is looking forward to meeting again in 2011!

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