The Chase

So as my first blog post I will start at the end, from a student perspective anyway. This is the time of year that a lot of MBA’s are thinking about finals, then graduation, and then moving forward in their career with their newly acquired MBA skill set. Hopefully, they have been working with their career counselors for a while now and they have all the tools that we give them to search for positions, interview effectively, follow up with interviewers, negotiate offers, execute an action plan for their first 45 or 90 days at the new job, and continue their networking. Hopefully.

All that being said, there is another critical step for our profession that we hope they remember to do as well: answer their survey! We are in chase mode right now. My colleagues and I are coordinating our communication efforts to try and locate and get information from the MBA’s that have not kept us up to date. Obviously this information is critical to our college and to MBACSC statistics. For our team though (and I hope for yours as well) there is another reason for this chase for information. We love to celebrate with our students! I call it our “bonus”. (I work at a state school and we don’t get any other kind). It is so much fun to run into my teammates offices and say “Tim got an offer from Spacely Sprockets!” followed immediately by high fives and cheering. There may even be some dancing.

So if you are an MBA student and you have stumbled upon this, please, call your career counselor, especially if you never have before. If you need help we will definitely be there for you. But if you have landed your dream job, we want to cheer for you and celebrate your success. It is the only bonus we will ask for. :)

–Troy Hopkins
MBA Career Development Specialist
Rockwell Career Center, C. T. Bauer College of Business
University of Houston

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