You Can Harness the #1 Predictor of Professional Success and Leadership Skills

By Steve Gutzler
President, Leadership Quest

I recently was working with a world class organization that had shifted from survival mode to experiencing stunning results.  Their leader happens to have remarkable levels of Emotional Intelligence.  He has created a culture of high trust and collaboration. It again reminded me of how important these skill sets are.  They are not window dressings but hard edge business skills.

In these turbulent times the very foundations of organizations and leaders are being shaken, the need to move beyond, trendy fads or pessimistic predictions are crucial.

Today, smart leaders are learning how to leverage Emotional Intelligence (EI) as their competitive edge.  EI…our ability to manage ourselves under stress and turbulence….and manage others!  It’s fast becoming the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference and will provide:

*Powerful Insight Into How Our Emotions Drive Our Behavior, Performance and  Leadership

*How to Develop Game-Changing Tools of Self-Awareness

*How to Build Emotional Connections for Lasting Relationships

*Be a Leader of Influence, Impact and Inspiration

Here’s to Building Better Leaders!

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