Advantages of Corporate Recruiters Survey

by: Michelle Sparkman-Renz
Director of Research Communications, GMAC

“I love this report! We utilize it to spark conversation with employers in a focus group format (particularly our advisory board).  It allows them to provide additional feedback and discussion points.”That’s what one business school career services professional recently said about a Corporate Recruiters Survey interactive report. Have you heard anything like this about the information you have on hand to make decisions?

We understand that job recruiters and career services professionals are busy, so we’re delighted to share some of the best advantages and ways to explore all the valuable data and insights provided by the annual Corporate Recruiters Survey in two new videos.

gmacpic1Video Tours
Watch a 2 minute video to learn the benefits of participating in this survey

Recent MBACSEA webinars have featured conversations with survey manager Rebecca Estrada about the types of information in the survey that most only typically hear high-level data about in the annual conference session.

New features are videos narrated by Jamie Belinne, Assistant Dean for Career Services at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston’s Rockwell Career Center, to showcase the benefits of the survey, especially the interactive benchmark report.

Survey participants have exclusive access to interactive benchmark tools that let employers and schools create and customize peer group comparisons. Hurry! This benefit will only apply to those who register by the deadline: January 31, 2014. 

In a 2-minute video, Jamie discusses the data tool, offers some navigation tips, and provides examples of how the data can assist your decision-making for career services, program design, and employer outreach. For those wanting a behind the scenes view, a 10-minute training video explains more about how to filter and slice data to maximize the insights.

There are benefits to EMPLOYERS that will provide ROI for their survey completion time, including:

  • See how hiring projections calibrate with other companies within the industry or region
  • Monitor internship trends
  • View trends for total compensation
  • Understand what recruitment techniques are being used by other recruiters

BUSINESS SCHOOL professionals can gain a multitude of survey advantages including:

  • Career Services/Employer Relations Staff: Guide students in their job search and career decisions using robust employer hiring and salary projections, and grow employer relationships with insight into what their overall recruitment strategies look like and what draws them to a campus.
  • Deans/Faculty Members: Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities, soft-skills and traits employers seek in business school graduates to enable your program to develop the most effective curriculum for preparing your students to secure employment upon graduation.
  • Admissions/Marketing Roles: Enhance outreach efforts with data about the skills and salaries that demonstrate the value of management degrees in the job market.











Exclusive Benefits for School Participants:

  1. Early release of all public summary reports from the survey findings.
  2. Statistical Briefs that give you quick access to data about employment projections, such as propensity and magnitude of hiring overall and by industry and company size, internship data by degree, and salary by candidate type for geographic regions.
  3. Robust benchmark report tools that let you create and download instant peer-to-peer comparison reports.
  4. Your employers who complete the survey will also receive their own recruiter benchmark report, as well as a copy of the early release survey report and statistical data briefs.

How to Participate
There are two ways schools can administer the survey:
1) GMAC takes care of all the work to email/remind employers, or
2) Your school sends the invitations and reminders directly to your employers on the dates specified. (Please read the GMAC Survey Participant Privacy and Confidentiality Statement for information about how we keep your data safe.)

Enroll in the Survey: The deadline is January 31, 2014, visit

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