20th Anniversary Interview: Cynthia Shore

CynthiaCynthia is Senior Assistant Dean of Alumni and External Relations for the University at Buffalo School of Management. She is an incorporator of MBA CSEA and past President.

1. When and why did you first become involved in the organization?

I got involved in the organization in 1997 two years after I took the career office director position here at the University at Buffalo School of Management.  I was president of MBA CSC from 2000-01.

I joined MBA CSC because it was a growing, dynamic organization with diverse membership and forward-thinking leaders.  I felt it was important for my own professional growth and also for the success of my office to take advantage of the opportunity that MBA CSC provided.

2.  What was going on in the industry and the job market when you first became involved?

The job market for MBAs in 1997 particularly in technology was hot and getting hotter.  It was a great time to work in career services at a b-school.  The technology in our offices was changing dramatically as well – web-based systems for managing our postings and recruiting process were being developed.  Change was everywhere.

The b-school rankings were causing a lot of stress with career office directors and MBACSC was in the midst of creating standards so ensure consistency across schools.

3.  What is the biggest thing you gained from your involvement?

Through MBA CSC, I gained so much from my career service colleagues across the country.  We willingly shared new ideas and often partnered with each other to extend limited resources.  My experience as president was both challenging and rewarding.  We refined our new reporting standards, hired a web developer to create the MBA CSC website and put on a phenomenal annual conference. I regularly represented our organization and my colleagues in meetings with media rankings editors and was a key contributor to the development of the Wall Street Journal ranking.  I gained long-term friendships through MBA CSC and look back at my involvement in this extraordinary organization as one of my best professional decisions.

4.  What, in your opinion, is our most significant accomplishment as an organization to date?

There is no doubt that development of the MBA CSC reporting standards is an extraordinary accomplishment;  it put MBA CSC “on the map”.  The entire industry (recruiters, GMAC, senior academic leader, prospective MBA and more) took notice of the willingness of a diverse group of individuals representing a wide range of schools to take a stance and then work together for the benefit of all.  I’m proud to have played a small role in this accomplishment.

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