20th Anniversary Interview: Dottie Mattingly

D MattinglyDottie is a retired professional, formerly with American Airlines. She is a long time MBA CSEA supporter and was the first employer to join the organization.

1. When and why did you first become a member of MBA CSEA?

Karin Ash called me in 2003 to invite American Airlines to become a member of MBA CSEA (then MBA CSC). Karin and I knew each other from AA’s recruiting efforts for many years at Cornell – both at the School of Industrial & Labor Relations and the Johnson School. Karin was well known and highly respected in the campus recruiting arena. At the time, I was not that familiar with the organization since it was geared toward B-school/ university career services only. Inviting corporate representatives was new to CSC, and AA was one of three to be invited that first year. The employer membership has grown each year since! And, I was excited, honored, and proud to be a charter corporate member and to represent AA at MBA CSEA.

2. What’s the biggest thing you gained from your membership through the years?

The networking is invaluable! Employers and college services personnel can come together to discuss ‘trends, issues, successes and challenges’ within the recruiting community. MBA CSEA provided the annual venue and opportunity to bring these professionals together to benchmark, discuss best practices and innovative initiatives in campus recruiting. The corporate roundtable provided robust discussions and we also hosted monthly conference calls on relevant topics. Also, personally it allowed me to learn and understand more about school rankings, standards, and general processes on the university side.

3. How do you see the role of employers evolving in the organization?

I see continued growth for MBA CSEA, as more companies recognize the value of hiring new MBAs to its workforce.   MBA campus recruiting for top MBAs is soaring. I’d like to see MBA CSEA continue to build their research & reference library of relevant information (ie, surveys, legal assistance, training materials) on a variety of topics. This would be extremely welcome and beneficial to new recruiters entering the field, as well as those ‘seasoned’ professionals. I was especially pleased to see the new branding and name change to include the corporate/employer community.

4. What advice do you have for MBA CSEA for the next 20 years?

Continue to grow and expand the organization, both domestically and globally. Organize regional meetings/ conferences in addition to the national/ annual conference. Involve students in panel discussions on their issues/challenges and to help them understand the ‘real world’ of recruiting. Also, partner with leaders in other MBA professional organizations – Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women, LGBT – to share ideas and information. Definitely continue to keep the ‘MBA only’ focus, as this a one-of-a-kind group that offers guidance and support to the MBA professional community.

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