2015 European Conference Recap


Our 8th annual European Conference in Madrid was a tremendous success.

IML_6745The hard work and efforts of our conference committee culminated in a 2 1/2 day event with 151 attendees, filled with rich networking, thought-providing programming and of course immersion into the fabulous culture of Madrid.

In fitting with the theme: Dealing with Change, MBA landscape, recruiting and employability, programme topics included:

  • Elizabeth Kelan from Cranfield University discussed myths and facts about millennials and the roles they play in the workforce.
  • Pascale Marcou from Catalyst Europe talked about the gender gap and implications for the future.
  • Rebecca Estrada from GMAC shared results from recent GMAC research as they relate to the European marketplace for MBAs and MS students
  • Corporate panelists from Liberty Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Heyplease and Pitstapp, Deutsche Bank, Uber, EY and Piece of Pie shared perspectives on emerging careers, corporate cultures and innovative recruiting strategies.
  • Experience sharing sessions touched on topics such as big data, corporate entrepreneurship, employer branding and video interviews.

The conference would not have been complete without an energy-filled gala event at the Casino Madrid, complete with flamenco dancing from the locals and non-locals alike.

Attendees had the following to say about their experience:

IML_6855“As a first time attendee I was pleasantly surprised with how open my fellow delegates were with discussing the challenges they face. It turns out they were exactly the same ones we face at my institution and it was an invaluable opportunity to swap ideas!”

“The best opportunity to meet and network with counterparts at Business Schools from all over the world – an invaluable experience!”

“I have been attending this conference every year since 2009 and I wouldn’t want to miss it! It is THE European Event for the MBA careers community.”

IML_6725Thanks again to our hard-working conference committee, and especially to our co-chairs, Catherine Chassanite from Audencia Nantes and Marcel Kalis from ESMT.


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