2015 Service Award for Significant Contributions Over Time: Mark Peterson

The purpose of this award is to recognize significant contributions of an individual or team over time in support of the mission and vision of the MBA CSEA. Award criteria includes multiple historical and/or on-going contributions to the MBA CSEA representing a body of work over time, including important services or resources, industry-leading best practices, and leadership to achieve important initiatives, events or strategic goals.

MBACSEA1595We are pleased to present the Service Award for Significant Contributions Over Time to Mark Peterson, Director, MBA/Graduate Business Career Services at Iowa State University.

Mark was elected to the MBA CSEA board in 2009 and served as Treasurer for three years, taking on this important and difficult task in his first year as a board member. Mark was elected President for two terms in 2012 and 2013. During that time, he helped lead our expansion into Asia, helped develop our partnership with the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers, helped develop and strengthen relationships with the media and vendors and played a major role in leading the organization’s rebrand and name change.

In 2014, Mark was appointed as President Emeritus and also served as Co-Chair for the Standards Committee. During this tenure, he helped lead the collaboration with AACSB for our employment data system, helped develop the Vendor Standards Compliance Program to provide our membership with information about products that meet their needs and provided organization-wide training and ongoing individual support for the Standards. He also helped with the development and hiring of our Administrative Assistant and Standards Consultant.

Mark is the definition of an impact player, and his outstanding leadership helped the organization not only forge into new territory as an industry leader but also continue to provide outstanding services to meet our member needs.

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