Honorary Lifetime Membership Award: Ann Hargraves

The purpose of this award is to recognize members who made a significant contribution to the MBA CSEA and are retiring from the profession and workforce.

To be eligible for honorary lifetime membership the individual must be a professional who has contributed significantly to the field of MBA career services and/or talent acquisition and to the MBA CSEA organization and who is no longer eligible for college, employer, or affiliate membership.

MBACSEA1599We are pleased to present a Lifetime Membership to Ann Hargraves, Director, Graduate Campus Recruiting at Liberty Mutual Insurance (effective as of her retirement in Fall 2015).

Ann was one of the first employer members of the organization in 2005 and one of the first employer board members in 2006. She served a total of three terms on the Board of Directors. During her tenure, she helped define the concept of an employer member, including changes to by-laws and organizational mission. She helped lead the original introduction of employer members into the organization, and has had a hand in almost all employer initiatives since then.

Ann served as Vice President and Global Conference Liaison for two years, chaired the Membership Committee, the conference Local Arrangements Committee and was the first employer to lead a conference when she co-chaired the 2008 Global Conference. She was on the task force that lead the name change and organizational re-brand in 2013. She recently served on the Global and European Conference committees, providing a critical employer perspective, and this year co-led the first pre-session for employers at the Global Conference.

Ann is our “go to” person for advice about employer membership and engagement, and has set the bar high for employer involvement in the organization.

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