2015 Innovation Award: The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Graduate Career Management Team

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals, teams, departments, or organizations whose innovative idea, process, program, or practice supports the mission and vision of the MBA CSEA. Criteria include the development of a significant innovation that benefitted students, a career center, a talent acquisition team or the MBA CSEA. Evaluation criteria include: Inventiveness – the innovation must have been the creation of new or reshaping of traditional products or services that demonstrably increased the organization’s value and effectiveness to the career service community; Impact – the product, application or service benefitted the industry in a unique way. The innovation must have provided a significant improvement in the process by which a service was delivered or a significant improvement in student outcomes; Timeliness – the innovation must have been around long enough to be tested so that it meets the criteria of inventiveness and impact; Testing: the innovation must have already been implemented and evaluated; Need solution: the innovation addressed a clearly defined need; Clear outcome: the innovation had specific and measurable outcomes; Replication: the innovation is capable of replication or adaptation by other organizations.

MBACSEA1586We are pleased to present an Innovation Award to the Graduate Career Management team at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business. This team was instrumental in the re-shaping of the traditional on-boarding process by creating a comprehensive career preparation program utilizing best-practices in career management knowledge, on-line course management technology and  instructional design concepts all of which have directly impacted and positively influenced MBA student knowledge, skill development, awareness and self-efficacy related to the MBA job search process all before classes begin in the fall.

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