Why I’m attending the MBA CSEA Global Conference June 21 – 24…from Jean Gekler, University of Washington

Jean Gekler--Foster PhotoWhat’s not to like about the 2016 MBA CSEA Global Conference? As I read the preview of the program highlights…I am amazed once again that the conference committee is headed towards “hitting it out of the park.” Maybe that is good since the Atlanta Braves are not doing as much of that this season….my apologies to all of the Braves fans!

I see countless choices that I am going to be making all week: I look forward to attending a new “Take-Off” session of my choice, the new sessions that will kick-off the conference Wednesday morning. There is something for everyone who has a role in MBA Career Management and MBA Recruiting. What a great way to start the connections and networking!

On Wednesday after the keynote speaker Jia Jiang will explain to us “Why Rejection is Awesome”, a concept that usually escapes me if not most of us, I will then look ahead to Thursday’s “Adapting, Transforming and Leading” with the Ted-style Talks of Allison Dukes Gilmore, Crystal Kadakia and Brandon Smith. How will I ever decide whose follow-up session to attend?

The always awesome gala event Thursday evening—this year at the World of Coca Cola—involves another choice: the invitation to wear attire of my “favorite decade” for the gala. In making that choice I may go wrong, but I can rest assured that the rest of my choices throughout the conference will end up winners.

To join me for this winning experience, click here to register.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jean Gekler
Senior Associate Director, MBA Career Management
Foster School of Business, University of Washington

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