The Importance of Volunteers

socialmediapicby: Megan Hendricks, Executive Director, MBA CSEA

As our annual business meeting and Global Conference comes to a close and we near the end of our fiscal year, we always take this time to think back on what we’ve accomplished as an association. Taking a look at our 2015/2016 Annual Report, we’ve done a lot!

26622046262_12a62168a4_kWe hosted three major conferences on three continents, with over 600 combined attendees – in addition to three Regional Forums and 10 webinars. We conducted three major research projects, partnered with GMAC on the Corporate Recruiters Survey, maintained and promoted the Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Data and continued our partnership with AACSB for employment data collection. Our online community is thriving with 700 members and weekly discussions, and we recently launched a mobile app for the community. We awarded the Mel Penn New Member Service Award to three hard-working individuals, increased our social media footprint, and launched a new Ambassador Club to continue to grow our membership.

MBACSEA 2016 Picture Conor McCabe Photography

None of this would have been possible without our volunteers. When we say volunteers are the lifeblood of the association, that’s an understatement! 170 people devoted their time and talent to this alliance during the past year, going above and beyond the daily responsibilities of their full-time jobs to contribute to the organization they love. I am constantly in awe of the amount of work and dedication our volunteers put in day in and day out, and their importance to the organization cannot be underestimated. From the Committee Chairs who manage large and small teams to execute major programs and events, to the people who help with on-site registration at the conferences – each and every person is an integral part of the team, without whom we would not be able to function.

MBACSEA-Day2-70I often receive comments about how passionate I am about the association and the work I do, to which I respond: “How can I not be?” When I look around me at the collective knowledge, experience, talent and passion our volunteers are putting in, how can I not respond with the same amount of passion and dedication?

Put quite simply, you all inspire me. Thank you for your time and effort. Thank you to the MBA CSEA Family.


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