Not enough time to deliver your MBA career curriculum? Low student attendance at workshops? Use a Slingshot!

Isabella PinucciBy: Isabella Pinucci, SDA Bocconi School of Management

This is one of the reasons I have been crossing the Atlantic every June for the past three years to attend the MBA CSEA Global Conference: to be inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of fellow career service practitioners.

This great session delivered by Julia Zupko of the Yale School of Management impressed all attendees, who left their business cards to receive additional info about the ‘Slingshot’ project.  With 650 full-time MBA students, Julia and her team have been experiencing lately some “pain points” in their career curriculum delivery: time and facilities constraints, decreasing attendance, lack of confirmation/ measurement of effective learning. Sounds familiar? (Yes, I feel that pain too!)

And here is their Slingshot solution: a hybrid career curriculum. Julia realized that students prefer on-demand learning tools they can access 24/7, plus some interactive live sessions with career experts where they can apply and customize what they learned to their individual situation.

The Yale team created a series of videos which illustrate the fundamentals of career management, from CV’s and cover letters to competency-based interviews. The videos are entirely home made but look absolutely professional, featuring students, professors, recruiters and career advisors as actors and speakers. At the end of each video module, students take a test to check their learning, and when successful they can attend a live lab. This way students have all the flexibility they need to master the curriculum, and career advisors get to spend more quality time with them.

That was a big project – it took 7 months for the team to complete it – but I bet it was worth the effort. It would be interesting to measure the results a couple of years down the line. Brilliant, innovative and inspirational. Brava Julia!

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