Farewell and Thank you to MBA CSEA President

MBACSEA-Day2-217As Damian Zikakis, Director of Career Services at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, concludes his second term as President of the MBA CSEA Board of Directors, we wanted to take this time to thank him and reflect on his service and contributions.

Damian has seen the organization through many changes, growing pains and milestones, including…

  • Record attendance at our International conferences in Asia and Europe and continued growth at our Global Conference
  • Brand new Regional Forums in cities such as London and San Francisco
  • Ongoing webinars that pushed the envelope in both size and scope
  • A Vendor Standards Compliance Program to ensure our members that technology providers are producing Standards-compliant reports
  • A new partnership with AACSB to expand and enhance employment data collection and research
  • Expansion of staffing resources with the addition of our Administrative Assistant and Standards Consultant
  • Increased knowledge and thought leadership across the industry

This kind of growth requires a strong leader and continuous focus on results. Below are just a few reflections some of the board members have about Damian:

“Damian, as President of the MBA CSEA board you have been a great conciliator. I never saw you losing your composure during our discussions and you always found a way to steer our group towards a constructive solution. I am really glad that you will continue working with us!”

“Damian has been amazing to work with.  He’s fun to hang out with, great to talk things through with when there are issues and he’s always willing to help.  He will be missed as President.”

“Damian is a natural leader who puts a great deal of thought and effort into the decisions he makes. He always encourages us to consider all perspectives and stakeholders before taking action. He has been a pleasure to work with.”

DZikakisbowtie“The best dressed president who rocks a bow tie!”

Damian, we appreciate everything you have done for the organization and look forward to your continued service. And, keep rockin’ the bow tie!


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